Tako the Octopus

Tako the Octopus is just your average, accident-prone, eight-legged celebrity chef. Thanks to his many tentacles, he can prepare an eight course meal in the time it takes most chefs to grill a cheeseburger. Tako first gained fame as the host of the award-winning* online cooking show, Deep Fried, Live! with Tako the Octopus. Since then Tako has cooked up a storm, entertained the masses, and occasionally done battle with renegade mixers and radioactive shellfish. Along the way, he’s been featured in magazines and cookbooks, inked a few dozen foodie columns, flirted with a presidential run, and done his best to make the world a tastier place. Tako the Octopus currently resides online (www.takotheoctopus.com) where he’s waiting to be discovered by a restaurateur with deep pockets and an open mind about chaos in the kitchen.


* BEST COMEDY, Showtime New Media Awards & BEST ANIMATION, SXSW Web Awards